Brad Dugan is from southern California, who specializes in the abstract world of circles. "It's like walking through a vortex and being spit out into a wormhole. I've seen first hand in my meditations." 

Speak No is a project based off the old "Speak no evil, hear no evil & see no evil" concept. I mainly enjoy creating ethereal landscapes, but every once in a while I'll get an itch for some type of imagery. The idea came from the lack of communication I find on a daily basis, and how most people literally don't wanna hear it, see it or speak it. Confrontation is the biggest culprit. People find the most interesting ways to avoid it at all cost. So I decided to re-create the imagery using a human skull to reflect it's meaning in a new way. 

The full release of "Speak No" will be released sometime this summer, with the other missing two. .